Quality and Certificates

The specificity of the market in which the Company operates requires the need to follow with particular care the research and design activities aimed at both technological innovations and the maintenance of the technical level of production. At the same time, the qualitative needs of customers and the Company's commitment to satisfy them were developed. The production control, which has always been carried out, has developed in an ever more refined way and has triggered the setting up of the Company Quality System which, started at the beginning of the nineties, was fully formalized with the achievement of the Quality Certification and its continuous adjustments.
The Quality System, aimed more and more at Customer satisfaction, is documented by the Quality Manual, company procedures and related documents. This allows the company to fully comply with the requirements of the various customers, to develop new products and refine production technologies. In addition, the Company, for some particular processes (such as welding) has decided to operate using only certified operators; moreover, our non-destructive test operators such as magnetoscopic and liquid penetrant tests are also certified. It can therefore be concluded that the qualitative evolution of Officina Fratelli Bertolotti is progressive and constantly evolving, compliant with regulations and aimed at "customer satisfaction".

Quality Systems Certifications

Certificato UNI EN ISO 9001:201552927/02/201501/04/202105/02/2024
Certificato EN 1090-10475-CPR-4030/05/1401/04/2021--/--/----
Certificato UNI EN ISO 3834-22/IT/48305/02/201301/04/202105/02/2024