Research & Development

Our RESEARCH DEPARTMENT is equipped with the most modern and sophisticated tools required for the sector.

The high degree of specialization of our staff and our vast assortment of machine tools allow us to expand the range of our products at any time.
At the customer’s request we can provide for the study, design, calculations and construction of prototypes and related tests according to the various needs.

We are able to provide for the construction of “TURNKEY” plants, starting from the design, providing for the masonry works and assembly, also ensuring the necessary maintenance.

Our factory is also equipped with a hot dip galvanizing department capable of galvanizing according to various specifications, such as C.E.I. – I.E.C – A.S.T.M. B.S and many others. Recently galvanizing problems for nuclear power plants have been solved for FLEXIDER BOA.

Our TEST ROOMS, among the most complete in the sector, are available to our customers.