Test room

The specific nature of the market in which the company operates requires particular attention to be paid to the research and design activities aimed at both innovative technologies and the maintenance of the technical level of production.
To meet these needs, the company has a test room duly equipped for mechanical, dynamic and electrical tests and equipped with the most modern instrumentation for analysis and controls. Furthermore, our test room is often used, at the request of the Client, for tests and trials on behalf of third parties.

Part of the test room is the artificially excited experimental span equipped with a computerized mobile station for the management of test data, with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum length of the test span equal to 115 m (the only one in Europe) with the possibility of setting up a pure suspension point at 15 meters from the mooring;
  • Maximum configuration of the bundle of conductors under test: any number of sub-conductors within a maximum diameter of the mooring of 1.20 meters;
  • Maximum total working shot: 36,000 daN

At the same time as described, the qualitative needs of customers and the Company's commitment to satisfy them have developed in parallel.
The control on production, practically always carried out, developing in an increasingly refined way has triggered the setting of the Company Quality System which, started at the beginning of the nineties, was fully formalized with the obtaining of the Certification and in the relative adjustments of the same.

The Quality System, aimed more and more at Customer satisfaction, documented by the Quality Manual, company procedures and related documents, allows the Company to fully comply with the requirements of the various Customers, to develop new products and refine the technologies of production.
Moreover, the Company, for some particular processes (for example the welding) has decided to operate using certified operators; non-destructive test operators such as magnetoscopic and liquid penetrating tests are also certified.
It can therefore be concluded that the qualitative evolution of Officina Fratelli Bertolotti is progressive and constant, compliant with regulations and aimed at "customer satisfaction".